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Designers Today’s Community Intensive: Keynote to Cocktails

The Designer Experience is a unique community forum that blends timely trends, practical business information, and design education with heart, soul, and dose of the unexpected. We’ve held several DXs in person and have moved the 2020 festivities to Zoom where we can still be together, apart.


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Letter from the Editor

Dear Designers,

We hosted our first virtual Designer Experience earlier in the summer and I must admit I was skeptical. After hosting four in-person events with incredible on-location programming and relaxed networking opportunities, we knew that Zooming the DX was going to feel quite a bit different.  

And it did feel different for all the obvious reasons, but by virtue of our community, the players and content, and the intention behind the event, it had that unmistakable DT vibe which is to say soulful energy. Perhaps because most everyone attending was home-based, it also felt remarkably personal.

The DX provided five hours of back to back content — honest presentations and conversations supplied inspiration and education, and a carousel of guest designers made it downright ceremonial. Capping off the afternoon with our virtual cocktail party brought us full circle to the in-person DX of the past, where we had a chance to see faces, new and familiar, and share a few laughs and a tear or two. After all, it wouldn’t be a DX if I didn’t cry just a bit.  

Our next Designer Experience is on September 24th. It comes as we acknowledge the half-year mark of COVID. Four months after our country and our industry awoke to racial injustice and inequality. And three months before the new year. It’s been a time of pivots, start-ups, and reflection. We have a lot to talk about. I hope you’ll be part of the conversation.

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Editor in Chief
Designers Today


Jennifer Grace

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Cultivating Your Creative Edge

Jennifer Grace, leadership, mindset and transformational coach and author, loves to guide people toward freeing their creative potential and passion.  She has helped thousands of people and numerous corporations tap into their flow state so that everything becomes possible.  She understands how circumstances can begin to cloud one’s path and toy with one’s sense of self, and provides tools to help us manage those emotions and 4am panic attacks in order to access clarity and move forward.


Designers Today Selects Second Harvest as its DX Beneficiary

Harvest Food Bank_blue

Did you know?

  • 1 in 7 adults in Northwest North Carolina is food insecure.
  • 1 in 5 children does not get enough food to thrive.
  • Second Harvest Food Bank can turn every $10 they receive into up to 70 meals.

The non-profit organization of choice for our fall Designer Experience is Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina. A member of Feeding America, Second Harvest provides groceries or meals to families across 18 counties. The organization’s network of partners includes emergency pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and meal programs for children, seniors, and older adults with disabilities.  

COVID-19 has created tremendous uncertainty and new challenges for all. For families who were already struggling financially, the situation is even more difficult. For families who rely on school meals for nutrition, ease of accessibility remains threatened. 

Designers Today is eager to make a difference in our community and will donate a portion of our registration and sponsor proceeds from the upcoming DX to Second Harvest.

Designer Experience Highlights: May 2020



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